Penelope, and Fireworks

Phil Solomon

While snooping around for something else, I chanced upon this description of a very short (3 minute) film by Phil Solomon, called "Yes, I Said Yes, I Will, Yes" based on the last chapter of Ulysses:
“The title is, of course, borrowed from the last lines of Molly Bloom's monologue, where, after reviewing all the lovers of her life, she comes home to Bloom, in a swooning affirmation like no other in all of western literature. I have always loved making 'quickie' films for a specific occasion, and this film was made in couple of days as a wedding present for my wife. My most simple, direct, and joyful film.” (Link)
This sounds quite great - wonder if I'll ever find a chance to watch it. But then I've always loved that last chapter of Ulysses - at the end of Bloomsday, it transcends the density of the previous chapters to reach "swooning affirmation".

Which leads me to another thought (hey, if I'm writing about Joyce I can damn well lapse into stream of consciousness): 3 minutes of a simple direct joy sounds like a good description of watching fireworks. Ah, the Fourth of July is here again.

Pure, pure joy is so rare. And a day, a year can be a lifetime, an eternity of difference.


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