Snakes on a Plane (Bring It)

The original Snakes on a Plane soundtrack video is out!


Anonymous said…
What movie is this? Never heard of it! ;p No, no need to tell me, I'll check on the net.

Just wanted to comment on the Tim Flannery bk you've been reading. I wouldn't comment except for the fact that you're doing climate change policy. Tim Flannery's not a climatologist, Daryl. I'd take what he writes with a pinch of salt. But then I'm sure you're discerning enough to realise that. Do pls go read some IPCC reports as well. ;-)
Anonymous said…
It's motherfucking snakes on a motherfucking plane.
rinaz said…
Strangely catchy song
Anonymous said…
The blonde's too skinny to do any seducing.
Daryl said…
anon - Flannery's pretty well-respected, but I do read all the IPCC reports.

zhaki - yeah. Now go wash your mouth with soap.

marina - it is, innit?

anon - true, true, too skinny isn't too appealing
Anonymous said…
Do you mean soap, or SoaP?

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