The Mosquito Ringtone

Meant to blog about this a while ago, but anyway, I thought the idea of a ringtone that only teenagers can hear was a pretty nifty technological innovation. Here's the ringtone as an MP3 - I suppose it's good that even after all those years of DJing I can stil hear it, although I keep hearing lingering buzzing after playing that...


Anonymous said…
This may be apocryphal but I believe it was originally introduced to keep teenagers out of areas where they could cause a nuisance, but then became adopted by them. Rather like ASBOs.
Anonymous said…
Whoops, shoulda read the article before opening my gob :)
Anonymous said…
You can download the mosquito ringtone for free and other unique musical mosquito ringtones from

The ringtones are of various frequencies. You will hear some and some not, depending on your age, tone frequency, speaker quality and your distance from the speakers.

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