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Visited the new National Library in Bugis yesterday and came back with Ian McEwan's Enduring Love (so far, very, very good - compelling, and with some exquisite passages) and Michael Chabon's The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, which I've been meaning to read forever - perhaps a 3-week deadline would help force the issue.

And speaking of words, I stumbled upon this extract from Borges: A Life, Edwin Williamson's biography of Jorge Luis Borges (yes, more than a year old). I liked Borges' words: "intensity is the promise of immortality" - which I presume references the Catholic "the sadness of death gives way to the bright promise of immortality", but who knows? Borges has always been on my should-read-more list - "Pierre Menard, Author of Don Quixote" was the last thing I read of his, and that was a while back...


Anonymous said…
I'd be interested to know what you think of both books after you've read them. I remember starting both with much anticipation and enjoying them greatly at the start, but then found they dragged a bit later on, especially Kavalier & Clay.
Elia Diodati said…
Borges is teh r0xx0rz!

I :heart: his short stories.
Daryl said…
michelle - my thoughts on Enduring Love are in this post, although clearly a lot of the book gels with my dilettante interests in psychology... but in general, I really liked it.

m & e - will tell you what I think about Kavalier and Clay once I'm done with it.

elia - not l33t enough to have read enough Borges, I should.

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