Brokeback Mountain as Productivity Commercial

I love Anonymous Lawyer's take on Brokeback Mountain as a movie extolling the virtues of spending more time in the office:
I saw a commercial for "Brokeback Mountain" on television this evening, first time I'd seen it. I think they're doing the movie a disservice by pitching it as a gay cowboy movie. Fairly clear from the trailer that it's a movie about the benefits of a job that consumes most of your day. I think I'll show a clip at next summer's orientation. "Don't worry about how much time you'll spend in the office," I'll tell them. "You might just fall in love with someone you're working with." Looks like a terrific story about the possibility of on-the-job romance, assuming that in the movie they're actually good cowboys. (Link)
Gives the whole "Ahh wish ahh knoo how to quit yoo" line a different meaning... here's the actual trailer (requires Quicktime).

On a related note, why doesn't anyone call Brokeback Mountain the gay shepherd movie, since they're herding sheep, not cattle? I suppose because cowboy is such a macho archetype...


Unknown said…
Heh, exactly. The American West is associated with cowboys, but shepherds conjures up images of the English countryside...
Daryl said…
Yeah, but why should looking after one form of animal be more of a macho archetype than another?

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