My Bloggies Nominations, Part the Second

Happy Lunar New Year to those of you that celebrate the occasion! More links to keep fresh while I'm otherwise occupied during the holidays. Here's the second part of my Bloggies nominations.

Best Tagline
Come on, people - don't feed or spank the monkey is a good line.

Best Craft Blog
Even more confusing than the Latin American blog category - a whole topic on which I know next to nothing. So I went for writing style over actual practicality of the crafts detailed. Drawn is hardly a "craft" blog, admittedly. You Knit What?? is funny stuff, although I suppose as you can tell by the name it's perhaps more accurately an anti-craft blog.

Best Topical WeblogOkay, admittedly some bias towards environmental topics, but hey, I do visit Treehugger and Gothamist on a fairly regular basis. And a seriously niche topic such as Preshrunk - all about T-shirts - really appealed to me. I can't believe Treehugger made it to blog of the year as well.

Most Humorous Weblog
The Superficial is in my opinion the best of the celeb-bashing blogs (that's a good comprehensive review of the whole lot of 'em by the Village Voice), although Defamer is pretty good too. Cute Overload isn't so much humorous as sweet/twee, I suppose, but hey, I like the site.


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