My Bloggies Nominations, Part the First


As I've mentioned before, I was one of the panelists for the 2006 Bloggies, and the finalists are out. So here was what I voted for in the categories I was given - I've italicised those that actually actually became finalists. Consider this the first in a series of mega-linksfests, starting with my votes in four categories:

Best Web Application
For this one, I figured Blogger, Wordpress,, etc. would get all the votes - which they did, and if you know me, you know I like an underdog. Livejournal I've grown to really appreciate - sure, the look of the thing is often not great, but no other blog software encourages community like LJ. Even a simple thing like e-mailing commenters when their comments have been responded to is great.

Best European Weblog
We-make-money-not-art has always been a fun blog, although I suppose in this kind of geographical category generally one prefers the more personal blogs - La Coquette etc. I'd forgotten how much I'd liked Petite Anglaise, and it was good to revisit her blog - a lot had changed in her life since I last visited.

Best Latin American Weblog
Okay, I made a mistake: Isopixel was definitely not something I meant to vote for - damn cut and paste. This was the one category where I'd hardly seen any of the blogs, so that made for interesting reading, and I suppose the most objective set of responses.

Best Weblog About Politics
Ah, on to a set where I'd seen almost every one of the nominees. So I'll end this first installment with a story. When I was about to leave for the States, my mother had these words for me: "you can go out with anyone like you like - as long as she's not a Republican". So that's my family, and my votes do tend to lean left - but hey, I seriously do think the writing and style of the blogs I nominated were the most solid and/or funniest of the lot. Instead of Jesus' General and MyDD the other final nominees were firedoglake and Talking Points Memo, so it's not like I was too far off. Oh well - it's all a quasi-popularity contest in the end.

Okay, another two parts in this series to go.


Daryl said…
Well - there you go, I nominated you :)
Daryl said…
Post changed to reflect the correct name of your blog, melissa :)
Anonymous said…
what about the huffpo?
Neil Sinhababu said…
I can see a case for TPM as the best political blog. It's hard to name a blogger who's had a better year than Josh Marshall. He was instrumental in defeating Social Security privatization, and TPMCafe is just getting bigger and better. He's also been pretty good at driving coverage of big scandals -- the Duke Cunningham bribery scandal especially.

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