It's time to throw down

This is one of the best of Slate's corrections, at least to a word geek: Seth Mnookin used "acronym" when it should've been "abbreviation" in his article on the James Frey scandal.

On the scandal itself - yeah, read the site the moment I got the Smoking Gun e-mail, but I never did get around to talking about it here, and hell, it's all over the web along with the expose that JT LeRoy doesn't exist. (I love the site design of the Smoking Gun's takedown of Frey, incidentally. And I did link to an article on the non-existence of LeRoy back in November.) But A Million Little Pieces was one of those books that always struck me as so much macho bullshit posturing - couldn't get through it. And it's always good to see macho bullshit taken down a notch.


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