Linksfest: Whale of a time

  • The London whale blog. I think it's funny that it's by a PR firm - good PR, clearly, since the Beeb interviewed them, but on the other hand, it's also a proud announcement of the fact that "hey, we spent our whole day goofing off watching cetaceans". I suppose it gives some porpoise to their life.
  • Design Observer on civilian typography: "In the end, efficiency can only take you so far. Without a cell phone, or in a flood, or barred from public transportation, the thing that separates human beings from the animal kingdom is our ability to communicate verbally. If we can't do that, we do it graphically. When all else fails, the pen isn't just mightier than the sword: it is the sword."
  • My university tries to go sustainable. Laudable. Hmm - does one say "my university"? It has been a while since I graduated, but "my former university" sounds like there's a present university to reference. Speaking of sustainability, Syriana buys emission-reduction credits.
  • I want a copy of Delicious Library (from Binary Bonsai)
  • Was sent this cool Honda ad done by Wieden + Kennedy according to Adrants.


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