Sitting tight

Went down to the neurologist yesterday to check out a little problem of facial tic that developed post-tooth extraction. So after a series of tests he said I didn't need an MRI (whew), and that he would just give me some drugs to calm the nerves and I should see whether that worked. So I asked "well, if that doesn't work, what's the normal treatment for this?" To which he happily responded "oh, it's Botox".

So there you have it. Either the medication works, or I have to receive clinically-sanctioned cosmetic medicine.

(Channeling James Blunt through the warped lens of my ego - "I'm beautiful... I'm beautiful... I'm beautiful... it's true".)


Elia Diodati said…
It's amazing what you can do nowadays with essence of toxic animal poisons.
Anonymous said…
I think Botox injections didn't start off as a cosmetic procedure. They were used to treat things like sweaty palms no?
Anonymous said…
MRI isn't scary, I fell asleep in it, very comfy indeed. oh wait, the pricetag is scary. ok i get your point now.
Daryl said…
elia: it is, innit?

fern: not sure about the origins of Botox...

cheahchuwen: oh well. I need to get my head examined.
tscd said…
Yes, I think fern is right. Botulism toxin is still used to treat excessive sweating - lots of Hollywood stars still get botox injections into the armpits before a festive night out.

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