Monday, 3 July 2006


So my brother bought a new foosball / table football set (never did figure out why the German name for football got associated with the game) via Inta-web auction, and the two of us drove out to pick it up over the weekend.

Sometimes it's fun talking to the brother - we ended up talking about the same repertoire of all the music in hip-hop clubs in Singapore (and wondered why people seem not to get tired of the similar progressions - "Hollaback Girl" etc etc), the innate sadness of the lyrics of "Hey Ya!" (a pet topic of mine), and why there should be more of Killers songs played in clubs. I got a bit confused because I thought he was referring to Seal/Adamski's "Killer". Which I haven't heard in years, and is a pretty decent song.

Thought: even in Singapore with its erstwhile taste for retro music, the late 80s/early 90s gets passed over a bit - it would be nice to hear "Dub Be Good to Me".

But anyway that also made me think, as a variant of cover versions, how many different songs could I name that had the same name? I came down to not a very impressive list:

"Crazy" - Seal, Gnarls Barkley, Britney Spears, Patsy Cline
"Hold On" - Wilson Phillips, En Vogue

Anyway, the photo above shows Rerun enthusiastically looking on as my parents played on the set.

There is Mari Hamada's "Hold On", if you remember her.

I always think of "Crazy" as being more of a Willie Nelson song than a Patsy Cline one though.

Isn't there a "Crazy" by Aerosmith?

zhaki - I remember that! Man, such nostalgia.

anon - yes, there is. Part of the great set of videos with Alicia Silverstone...

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