How to Shop Like a Cuban

Like a Cuban

Took this last week at the Cathay (and got gently chided by the security guards there for it - why isn't there photo-taking at a shopping centre?) - anyway, the tagline "How to Shop Like a Cuban" amused me.


Rani said…
cubans don't shop, they get rationed groceries from the govt
Indi said…
cubans don't shop! they fix all the things they have since 1959. nothing has changed in they way use daily objects from cars to eyeglasses.

cathay does not understand Cubans.
Anonymous said…
What was the exhibition about then? Cuban goods? Movies set in Cuba? Castro's brand of cigars?
Daryl said…
Well, it was a parallel to the Cuban film festival...
Anonymous said…
I've had this a lot in Singapore. Crazy security guards always over the top in stopping pictures. I think they're afraid you'll steal site display ideas.


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