Mac, the Ninth

Well, at least I think it's been 9 days since I picked up my Macbook. So - to report - the switching experience has been quite easy, and everytime I've brought out the computer I've inspired gadget envy. I did get my first Mac crash on day #1 (Firefox quit unexpectedly), which horrified my friend at Apple, who promptly blamed the Firefox extensions. But otherwise everything's been smooth. The Bluetooth integration is great, actually - just being able to send photos to my computer or Hotsyncing my Palm with it

Oh, and the main reason I wouldn't get a Mac - the lack of a right click on a laptop (yes, I know you can add a two-button mouse, but that's not much help if you want to carry it around and use the trackpad) - is nicely fixed on the Macbook. Two fingers on the trackpad to right-click, say, on a link, vs one to left-click. Very elegant.

I still agree with Slate that the new Mac "switch" ads are terrible, though.


Ivan Chew said…
I know my buy-in is complete when I now recommend a Mac for my wife when she wanted to buy a laptop recently.

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