Ape Shall Never Kill Ape

"Flipped the landscape when Nigo made A Bathing Ape
I got expensive taste (oh, well) guess I better save up (cho takai)"
- "Harajuku Girls", Gwen Stefani (aka "the most extravagant piece of musical Orientalism this side of The Mikado")
A Bathing Ape opens in New York. Some of my friends there will be very, very happy. Just thought it's pretty impressive how Bathing Ape has become such a major street fashion name - even doing designs for Pepsi didn't seem to endanger its street cred:

I want one of these bottles.

Tangential Links: Adam Greenfield on the distinction between style and design, noting that Nigo is more stylist than designer.


Anonymous said…
The Kitmeout Fashion Auction has a fair amount of Bape forsale. This is one seller who's reliable: http://www.kitmeout.com/auction/otheritems.php?owner=100110&nick=Sunman
Be careful when buying Bape online though!

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