The nominees are...

Apparently you can vote for my blog as "Best Singapore Blog" in the Asia Blog 2004 awards over at Simon World. (Edit: well, you can, once a day, until 31 December.) Thanks for those who nominated me, I'm flattered. As I've admitted before, this blog (and its related subsidiaries) isn't the best source of life-in-Singapore vignettes, but I'm glad someone's reading. As Academy Award nominees always say, it's an honour just to be nominated. Um, except I really do mean it.

There's a lot of insights into Asia throughout the nominees. For one, I learnt from SarongPartyFrens that something I've always wanted to happen already has: craigslist is in Singapore! Maybe that "Best of Craigslist" link I have in my sidebar will start showing some Singapore posts...


Anonymous said…
I wanted to vote for you. But it's too late now. Argh.

Anon. B.
Daryl said…
You can still vote! Up till 31 Dec.
suitablegirl said…
i voted for you :)

thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment on the Bhopal post, it was very kind of you.

-A N N A
of HERstory
Boon said…
hmmm. anon b has got a name now! i finally figured out how to vote after spending too much time trying to find the voting page. i just voted for you. i love your links! i suggest you link directly to the voting page so that the readers of your blog can vote easily.

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