Singaporean Bloggercon?

There's been some buzz in the Singaporean blogosubsphere about the idea of holding a Bloggercon in Singapore... I personally think it's a great idea. There's so much diversity in the blogging community here, which belies the standard cliches of Singaporeans being boring, and it'll be great to see the whole range of them.

There are some Singaporean bloggers who blog more about life here (mrbrown and Xiaxue among the most famous of them), and there are others for whom the fact of geography is more often than not incidental to their specialist topic (redemption in a blog comes to mind). I think my blog falls under the latter category - certainly my baseball one hardly touches upon life here - but it'll be interesting to see the whole panoply of Singaporean bloggers.

One thing I love about blogging is what it gives me - a voice, a chance to speak or write about the things that I love but that my community of friends here don't care much for - language use, baseball, that sort of thing. And I'm sure I'm not alone. Online forums, regardless of the topic, always have one Singaporean popping up. It's like when I saw a magazine on American Civil War reenactments being sold in Books Kinokuniya - there's a lot of specialists in their various fields lurking around this tiny little island.


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