Changing the iPod font

Apparently you can hack your iPod and change the font and graphics. At least, that's if I'm reading this Engadget article right - the iPodWizard screenshots seem to imply that it lets you change the fonts. Hmm... time to revisit why I don't own an iPod? Although seems annoying that hacking the iPod would void its warranty.


Anonymous said…
yes indeed, ive modded my ipod so far that in addition to have a totally custom iPod (mostly all the graphic have been changed, font and even text string example: iPod on top is now "iCrash"), I have pushed the mod foward up to BE ABLE TO PLAY VIDEOS ON AND iPOD PHOTO.

email me at, i'd be happy to tell how,the guy i annoy to do that will be happy to know that his help will not stop here...

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