The lowest possible SAT score

An old funny bit: Colin Fahey tries to get the absolute lowest possible score on the SATs (you can't leave a lot of questions blank, because blank answers count for more than wrong answers to discourage random guessing). Best part for me was the conclusion:
Several months after getting almost the worst possible raw score on the SAT, I was invited to pursue a Ph.D. in Computer Science at UCI.
I remember always being asked in Singapore "what did you get on the SAT?" when people learnt that I went to the US to study. At first I tried to explain that SAT grades were really not relevant, that just because the Singapore education system was so centred around centralised tests didn't mean you could look for a centralised test in the US system and think it was the main criterion for admission. But it really seemed to boggle a few people's minds that universities could make admission decisions based on school grades and participation in extra-curricular activities while the only nationwide exam counted for not very much. After a while, I just gave up trying and just said "I got enough, thanks".


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