Thursday, 16 December 2004

Why I don't own an iPod

I know I should want an iPod, it's the greatest design since sliced bread, etc. etc., but I really, really don't like the Chicago typeface that it uses. Maybe an iPod Mini, with its more pleasing Espy Sans?

And yes, this is how I make my purchasing decisions. I won't buy things from places that use "shop" as a transitive verb either - as in "shop our store", which I just saw in an e-mail from J. Crew. Ugh.

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I bought an iPod but I really hate that typeface... I would love if I could have Espy as the font on my iPod...

Guess I'll have to buy an iPod Photo or Mini!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but "etc. etc." is actually redundant as "etc" already means "and so on and so forth" so there's no need for another etc. Just thought you'd like to know as you mentioned in your profile about copyediting :)

I understand how you feel - I won't go to restaurants/shops that use "de" instead of "the". Example: "De Steakhouse" or "De Curry Shop". *Shivers* There are shocking displays of bad grammar everywhere in KL!

Yes, any extra etc. is technically superfluous, but it has a nice King and I ring to it ("et cetera, et cetera, et cetera").

But... you can change the font if yuo like.

Just edite the 'font graphic' with this tool:

- Kevin

Yup, I found that tool on Engadget too. (Blogged about it today.) But it looks like changing your firmware may void the warranty and kill your data...

Although admittedly unattractive Chicago really is a nice font, when you consider the media it is being used in. I mean, you can't expect them to use Garamond. It would unreadable if it were made out of tiny little pixels.

might consider buying the newer 4G ipods since it is using Myriad rather than Chicago...

It's true that Chicago was chosen for readability, but I guess since part of the appeal of the iPod is design, I'd extend that to the font choice. Myriad is a good choice though - those 4G iPods intrigue me.

I dunno. Dont like the font, just >hack it. It is not rocket science.

I know you can just hack it, but I think that may void the warranty. Don't know how true that is...

And while I can do it, why should I, the consumer, be made to go through all that trouble? Shouldn't Apple just have given me a nice choice of fonts to begin with?

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