Fallen idols

The Guardian decides to have fun mocking some of the haloed members of the rock pantheon - everyone from the Beatles to the Clash to James Brown to - blasphemy upon blasphemy! - What's Going On. It's snarky and wrong-headed, but gets in some well-written jibes:
For all his punk integrity, Elvis Costello is at base a jack-of-all-trades, occupied as much with his facility with music's form as with its heart.

[Prince's] failure to apply quality control, and hissy fits when record companies tried to restrict him from his preferred schedule of three albums of experimental funk and interminable guitar solos every month, have corrupted his legacy.
I think the article would be offensive if it was one guy writing all the articles, but since it's various persons hating on each "sacred" singer I'm more amused than anything. I'm guessing everyone must dislike at least one performer who's firmly ensconced in the rock pantheon. Me, I can't think of a specific singer/group, but I really can't stand John Lennon's "Imagine".


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