The Duravit Design Centre

The new Duravit design centre, designed by Philippe Starck. (He's designing toilet bowls for Duravit... cheap at $2195.) Captions for what those two guys standing in the loo are thinking? "Our career's going down the drain..."

Here's a pic of the entire design centre, from, of all places, the SC Freiburg (that's Sport-Club, i.e. football club) website...

Why SC Freiburg? "Weil der Hornberger Sanitär- und Bäderspezialist engagiert sich seit dieser Saison als einer von vier Premiumsponsoren beim Sport-Club" - because the Hornberg sanitary and bathware specialists are one of the four premium sponsors of the club this season (hey, seems my German hasn't deteriorated that badly). Anyway, I really like the minimal look of the entire building - seems to fit the design ethos of the firm.


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