Soda pop

Here's a map of America indicating whether people say "pop", "soda", or "Coke" to reference a soft drink. (In Singapore, we say "soft drink". Or at least I do.) I knew "soda" was an East Coast / Left Coast thing, and that "Coke" was a southern thing (its Atlanta origins presumably contributes to some of that), but there're pockets of "soda"-sayers in St Louis and Wisconsin, which intrigues me.

Incidentally, the home page references my old prof and friend Bert Vaux's dialect survey.


Anonymous said…
I am interested in the dialect maps on your prof' site. the map & result links do not work. do you have any idea when new samples are taken and is his old data (maps & results) available online?
Daryl said…
Hmm. I'll go check with Bert and see what I can dig up.
Anonymous said…
OKAY, now when i order a coke, this is what i'll say. soda coke pop pls. just to confuse pple.
Bert Vaux said…
Daryl! This is your old buddy Bert. Just wanted to let your blog buddies know that we had to shut down the Harvard survey because someone was trying to break in and pirate all the data in it. I am currently in the process of moving the whole shebang to my UWM server, and hope this will be done in the next 1-2 weeks. In the meantime, I have a bigger and better survey available on my UWM site--550 questions, plus pictures of the items:

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