Soda pop

Here's a map of America indicating whether people say "pop", "soda", or "Coke" to reference a soft drink. (In Singapore, we say "soft drink". Or at least I do.) I knew "soda" was an East Coast / Left Coast thing, and that "Coke" was a southern thing (its Atlanta origins presumably contributes to some of that), but there're pockets of "soda"-sayers in St Louis and Wisconsin, which intrigues me.

Incidentally, the home page references my old prof and friend Bert Vaux's dialect survey.


Anonymous said…
I am interested in the dialect maps on your prof' site. the map & result links do not work. do you have any idea when new samples are taken and is his old data (maps & results) available online?
Daryl said…
Hmm. I'll go check with Bert and see what I can dig up.
Anonymous said…
OKAY, now when i order a coke, this is what i'll say. soda coke pop pls. just to confuse pple.

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