An eye for an eye

Just got back from my fifth or so session on Neuro-Vision. It's this new treatment here for low levels of myopia (there's FDA approval, but I don't know if it's being done in the States yet).

What I thought was interesting about the whole process was that - unlike Lasik or PRK or even those contact lenses that squeeze your eyeballs at night - it doesn't work by changing the physics of the eye, but by training how your brain perceives images. (You sit in front of a computer screen and look at images. Who'd have thought you could improve your vision by looking at a screen?) I remember learning about vision and brain back in college (Science B-44, "Vision and Brain" - Prof Ken Nakayama seemed to have a plethora of freaky optical illusions, plus I'll never forget the video on trepanation) and it's kind of cool to put it into use. It's like a kind of mind hack.


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