Wednesday, 19 January 2005

The A380

A diagram of the new A380 from Scripting News, for you flight buffs out there. Hey, two of my best friends are now in the employ of Singapore Airlines and Emirates, so I gotta keep up. The fact that it has a) an air-conditioning plant; b) a restaurant and bar; and c) a lift / elevator are all ridiculous. Singapore Air's going to be the first to get them, so I'm hoping I'll get to board one sometime...

Uh, i think almost all (if not all) commercial jets have air-con plants to prevent everyone from freezing. Temperature at cruising altitude is around -57 deg C.

And the good ol' 747 has at least one elevator. Just that the passengers can't use it. Halle Berry took it up and down in Executive Decision to avoid terrorists! I think Liz Hurley can also be seen using one in Passenger 57...

- the one that works in Singapore Airlines

I see SQ has pipped EK to the reply. how symbolic. Start booking flights to London or Sydney on SIA about May 2006. Emirates were the first to ORDER though..

- the one who works for emirates

Think A380 is advanced ? Look what I found on may way to you



Heh. Nice pic.

Here's the link from Vasco, since it escaped into my sidebar!

Um helloooo Liz Hurley was on an L1011.

Tri-Star it was yes

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