What becomes of you my love?

Ever seen a blind man cross the road,
Trying to make the other side.
Ever seen a young girl growing old,
Trying to make herself a bride.
And what becomes of you my love,
When they have finally stripped you of,
The handbags and the gladrags,
That your Grandad had to sweat so you could buy.

- Mike d'Abo, "Handbags and Gladrags"
Just finished watching "the Office" Christmas specials while (I guess oddly enough) working late into the night. Brilliant. Just a brilliant, brilliant comedy. So many great moments: Brent finally stands up to Finchy, and of course, that shining moment of pure joy when Dawn comes back.


Anonymous said…
I just saw the first season of The Office and I loved it!

Now I have to see the second season so I can experience "the brilliance."

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