Return to Singapore

Back from Jakarta, and just sent the Girlfriend off back to America. What a hectic crazy few days. Jakarta was absolutely teeming with people, with people filling every conceivable space as though obeying some law of human Brownian motion. A flurry of images: kids playing under highway bridges, goats eating the grass, and the stark contrast of simple roadside stalls amassing outside a spanking clean Carrefour. And traffic, traffic, traffic far as the eye can see. With cars three abreast on two-lane roads, the macet was immensely frustrating - especially for people who had weddings to help out in. But how authentic would a Jakarta trip be without hours stuck in traffic, eh? Am still nursing allergies from the pollution. Nice to have a chance to use my sparing Malay vocabulary though, lama benar tak bercakap Bahasa Melayu (or Bahasa Indonesia)...


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