Tiger Cup Final, 2nd leg: Singapore 2 Indonesia 1

Last week, we landed in Jakarta at about 9pm, and saw a huge crowd of agitated people around the "Hotel Reservations" room. So I wondered what was going on - did someone screw up and lose a whole tour group's reservations? Inched closer to take a peek - turned out the whole bunch was crowding around a tiny TV showing the first leg of the Tiger Cup final, where Indonesia was losing badly.

And today, I saw the first-ever capture of an international trophy at the National Stadium. Nice.

Overall Tiger Cup thoughts: Casmir always seems so slow - don't know where he got his rep for speed. Itimi Dickson, on the other hand, has pace... Indra's goal had a great finish... Lionel Lewis was clearly the player of the tournament, without him Singapore wouldn't even have made it past the group stages... why can't Singapore ever keep a nice clean sheet? we clearly have a good defence, but it seems to get complacent at times... but it would be churlish to complain too much - congratulations to the Singapore team!


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