Law & Order

I'm intrigued by these reports of the final appearance of Elisabeth Rohm (aka ADA Southerlyn) leaving Law & Order - in her last scene, Rohm/Southerlyn just goes "is it because I'm a lesbian?" And that's it. Bizarre. I know L&O usually stays out of its characters' private lives and just drops in random nuggets - even in all the seasons what do we really know about ADA McCoy's daughter? - but as a conclusion it's really out of left field. A lesbian ex machina, so to speak.

Dagnabit, no L&O here in Singapore (only Special Victims Unit, its weak horny cousin). So now I'll only learn what happened after from the Inane1.

Edit: Tara on When Tara Met Blog notes that she met a producer or director on L&O who said that Rohm "couldn't act and was hard to get along with, which is why she [was] being written off the show". Interesting.

1Inane: pronounced In - nuh - ne'. e.g. "How do you log on to the Inane?" Cheap joke cribbed from some guy's standup routine.


T said…
Oh dear. I can't believe I'd forgotten the best of the boston stand up scene...

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