Bed-Stuy brownstones

There's something about how people in really big metropolises can sometimes get very parochial about their neighbourhoods - I guess when the world's at your feet, it's not that tempting to explore the rest of the city. And most New Yorkers I know have never been to Bed-Stuy (too prissy to go? no real reason to go?). But there's some wonderful architecture there, particularly the brownstone buildings. Here's a wonderful set of photos by Tom Fletcher of the architecture of Bedford-Stuyvesant, from which I've taken the above picture. (Via Brownstoner)

mikeyblog on househunting in Bed-Stuy, aka the spread of gentrification


Anonymous said…
Hey Daryl, thanks for the "tagential link" to mikeyblog; although I'm not sure the tone of your link--"aka the spread of gentrification"--is very flattering! Do you think my desire to buy a house in Bed-Stuy is inherently "wrong"? I want to participate in the economic revival of a distressed neighborhood that deserves to be given more respect than it currently well as to live in a beautiful house that is likely to appreciate in value over the years. Am I mistaken to detect a note of judgment in your rhetoric? I'd be happy to discuss it further.


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