Blogging and endorsements

Looks like fellow Singaporean blogger Xiaxue's endorsement deal with LocalBrand T-shirts has made worldwide blogging news. Even Biz Stone has a post on it on Blogger's own blog. Maybe I should take a leaf from this. Advertise on! I'm the #1 hit in Google for the following searches!
  • world's cutest dog
  • internet timewasters
  • i hate Chicago (it was a font reference, but heck, I also have no fondness for the sappy AOR band)
  • don't buy iPod
  • "the office" mockumentary
Ah, the wonders of checking one's site stats and finding out how people reach my blog. for people who want to waste time, don't want to buy an iPod to waste it with, hate Chicago, and like cute dogs and "The Office".

The funny thing is, 2 days ago there was a story in Today about StoresOnline, a firm that was charging $100 for workshops for people to learn to "get their websites listed on the second page of search engines such as Google" (and then, apparently, selling them a 'website building package' during that workshop). Second page? Ha! I laugh at second page! I fart in its general direction!


zhi yang said…
I get plenty of weird search queries leading to my site too.

I didn't catch that article. I mean what's the point to be on 2nd page? Most people don't even click the 2nd page. If they wanna con people, at least make it more desirable.

"We will make your website the number one search entry on Google!"
Daryl said…
Oops, fixed the link so that the Today story shows up.
Daryl said…
Should also add the disclaimer that my brother works for Today...

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