How to be good

I like Leo Hickman's column in the Guardian on ethical living: even if you can't follow everything he writes about, it's nice to try.

Here's one thing I was thinking about when I took out the recycling last night: I consume vast quantities of Pepsi, and the bag's always bulging with cans when I bring it out once a fortnight. And then I always see these poor old men and women at hawker centres and food courts picking up old cans to make a few cents. Is there any way I can somehow give all my cans to one of these people instead of just having them recycled, given that I now don't really live within walking distance of a hawker centre? Back when I had my own apartment near the river there was this guy who rummaged through the trash can downstairs looking for cans so I'd go down and give him all of my cans, usually made his day. Hmm. Suggestions welcome.


Anonymous said…
No suggestions, but Nick Hornsby book with the same title was good. It was hilarious.

Oh if you're really good, I suppose you could bring the cans down to Food Street. There's usually a bunch of old people collecting cans there.

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