The 2nd Rule

I've just become (guest) editor of The 2nd Rule, the 5-year-old e-mail-based "urban creative guerrilla magazine". (I admit to not being a Fight Club fan, despite the magazine's name...)

We're about to crank out the Jan/Feb issue, so I'm now looking for submissions of prose, poetry, and also music, art, photography, or any sort of digital media. So if you have something you want to say or show, and want it to reach about 6000-7000 readers/viewers, e-mail it to me at daryl [at] dsng [dot] net or editor [at] the2ndrule [dot] com, preferably by the end of January 2006. We can't pay, but you'll get credit, plus a link to your website if you have one.

As for what I'm looking for - there isn't a thematic structure to this particular ish yet, I'm thinking I'll let it emerge from the submissions. So I'll just go with whatever catches my fancy. You can look through the past issues to see what's been published before, but - since I'm a new ed - I also get to impose my taste. Yeah, I'll enjoy my czar status while it lasts.


Anonymous said…
I'm such a geek. I saw your title and thought, "A robot must obey the orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law."

But of course, that's actually the 2nd LAW, not 2nd RULE.
Anonymous said…
a little late but happy new year!

and the 2nd rule of fight club is to not talk about fight club right?

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