More disoriented animals


Okay, not quite on the scale of the poor London whale, but today Rerun (the family Cairn terrier) starts barking outside, so Dad goes out to take a look at the source of the commotion. And what do you know - at our doorstep is what seems to be a tiny little lobster or crawfish of some sort. Which is strange, because we live in Kembangan, which is quite a distance from the shoreline. Any ideas how he got here? Mum's bet is that he was being shipped to the seafood restaurants around here and he made a brave escape and found the house with a marine-conservation enthusiast.

(I'm waiting for the brother the diver to come home and explain what exactly we should do with it. If it's seawater, we'll release it back to the sea. No snarky answers about reunion dinner food, thanks.)

Here's a picture of the little guy after we put him in a pail. I feel like calling him Pinchy, in honour of the Simpsons' lobster.


Tym said…
So is this the new family pet? :)
Daryl said…
It is quite cute :) Awaiting the brother's advice on what to do, really.
Anonymous said…
You know me - how can I resist when it comes to fishies. :-) Looked up my Debelius book (it's a kind of encyclopaedia) on Crustacea - you can identify lobsters of the infraorder Astacidea (as opposed to the Palinuridea infraorder - the spiny lobster types with no true clues) by "the presence of chelae (pincers or claws) on the first three pairs of legs, and by the fact that the first pair is by far the largest and most robust. The last two pairs of legs end in a simple dactylus (finger) in the vast majority of species." Lobsters are, of course, decapods. Other characteristics:
- segmented bodies, even though individual segments are covered by a peripheral shell;
- two parts of a lobster's body: the cephalothorax (anterior) and the abdomen(the posterior);
- appendages; and
- two pairs of antennae.

I'm not sure, however, how you distinguish between a true lobster and a crayfish (freshwater lobster). Debelius, um, doesn't do freshwater critters. I suppose you've kept him in freshwater - well, I suppose if he dies soon enough we'll know. :-)

I'm kidding, of course. Keep us updated!
Han said…
give him a hot bath, like Homer did for Pinchy!
Anonymous said…
that is so cute (i know lobsters are not supposed to be cute but it does look cute in the pail). i was just thinking of getting a goldfish just because its the only pet allowed on residence but then i realised they were relly ugly.

i wish something cute would appear in front of my door too.

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