More lobster adventures

My poor lobster got featured in a seafood forum. It's not food! Still doing fine. The brother thinks it's a freshwater lobster i.e. a crayfish, something like a blue yabby. Dad gave him a little piece of bread to eat this morning. Yes, I know it is highly unlikely that in its natural environment it would consume flour and yeast products.

Anyway, anyone want a crayfish/lobster for his or her aquarium? My colleague said he keeps 'em, but he's got no aquarium space.


Anonymous said…
eh...hold that lobster. Got an extra fish tank at home, will ask dad if he wants another pet. :) will let you know soon - lainey
Does your lobster get along well with other animals? Does your lobster require a lot of exercise? Does your lobster suffer from nervous breakdowns or other disorders? ... Sorry, have been watching too many "Animal Rescue" programs.
7-8 said…
If I had a sea animal in a tank I'd probably keep a hi fi next to the tank and put the "Jaws" soundtrack on repeat, nasty little bugger tham I am.

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