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Every time I think about moving this blog over to Movable Type, the folks over at Blogger add stuff that I like, use, and incorporate... the WYSIWYG editor, individual post pages, well-designed templates (well, only for my reviews page), convenient picture uploading, commenting. I'm not a very demanding blogger, really. I know my PHP and my URL rewrites, but I'm not really at the stage where I need to switch. I don't care that the commenting facility is kind of strange and should really show the previous comments. Okay, I do care, but not that much. But I would like one thing: categories. Please.

A quick search shows I'm not the only one. Oldcola has a workaround, but that's a stopgap.


Antoine Vekris said…
I just tested the iframes hack as a stable element of the template and this works fine. OK, this is a workaround, but it is a solution ;-)
marnie webb said…
I've found and am using another workaround:

There's nothing elegant about it but it's working.

I made a account exclusive to categorize my blog posts.

When I make a post, I put a link in to the appropriate tags. Then I view the specfic post and post it to

It's a multi-step process and kludges together two tools without any automation and I forget to do it and swear and then edit the post and add it in.

But it doesn't look bad on the page and I get what I want -- a way to sort through my post by tags.

Once I collect a few more, I'll probably post the most used tags on the side bar of my website.

I'm sure if I hosted my own site I could make this happen with cronjobs etc but I don't and so I can't.

Look at what I'm talking about here:
Anonymous said…
It would be great if categories started working like comments. Visit the link for a tutorial on how to integrate comments into your Blogger blog using Blogkomm. I did it and it is easy and integrates basically seamlessly giving your users a much nicer commenting experience.
John said…
I'm a disciple of Marnie's tagging method, & now that I'm browsing with Firefox I've been able to automate the process a bit with a greasemonkey script that outputs tags valid in both technorati and straight from the blogger compose window. Read more at Freshblog.
Karl Bunyan said…
I've developed my own workaround, using ASP.Net and XSL, but it's definitely more for the keen programmer than the casual blogger! Anyone interested can read my ASP.Net solution to blogger categories here.
Daryl said…
Thanks for all the solutions... boy that's some tough work...
Taher Baderkhan said…
I have actually created a new way to categorize blog entries. It is very simple and invlove using a simple javascript function the blogger search engine. You can view the solution at the following link
DSoM said…
hi, tray to take a look here : HOWTO : Blogger Categories

I've found i very easy way to reach that but.
Anonymous said…
You can also try blogger categories

Blog Categories with

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