"Scary" White Chicks

They're releasing the Wayans brothers comedy White Chicks on 30 Sept here in Singapore. Except they're calling it Scary White Chicks, which is clearly an attempt to cash in on the Scary Movie name but makes no sense in the context of the movie, seeing as the "women" that Shawn and Marlon play aren't supposed to be scary at all. I suppose adding the "Scary" to the movie title helps people know that it's not some movie with dubious "artistic" value1.

I don't know how well a movie that parodies a very American phenomenon will do in Singapore, but I must say the bit in the trailer where Shawn and Marlon, playing a couple of white girls, are forced to endure a singalong to Vanessa Carlton's piano-plunking in "A Thousand Miles" is a hilarious bit of observation. Oh, and seeing the poster made me haul out my Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood DVD.

1Note for non-Singaporeans: we have a category of movie censorship, Restricted(Artistic) that limits the audience for certain artistic movies to those above 21. Unfortunately, there are some films in this category whose "artistic" content is extremely dubious.


Anonymous said…
R(A)21 got done away with about 6 Months back. Now its just R21.
Daryl said…
Oh yeah, how soon I forget. Mea culpa.

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