Anger management

Does this girl have anger issues?
An 11-year-old attacked her baby sitter with a machete during a struggle that included attempts by the girl to grab a baseball bat, a shovel, and a BB gun, investigators said.


Ben Arntz said…
It seems like anger issues are sprouting up in kids these days from a very early age. I think that some form of Anger Management should be taught in schools, focusing on four modules of successful anger management; managing anger, managing stress, improving communication skills, and enhancing emotional intelligence. If this were taught in schools, i think we'd see a lot fewer baby-sitters brutally attacked with machetes.

Ben Arntz
Office Manager
Anderson & Anderson
Anonymous said…
You are right Ben. Anger is a serious issue worldwide. Daybreak Counseling Service provides low cost anger management education in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.

Shannon Munford

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