The disabled and sex

The Guardian has a good piece on the disabled and sex in the UK:
When was the last time you saw a disabled couple have sex on TV, or a disabled person portrayed in the mainstream media as anything other than "brave" or "tragic"?
I like the article: realistic about the physical and societal constraints on intimacy, and carrying throughout a recognition that the disabled have needs like everyone, rather than idealising them as somehow transcending the need for intimacy. (My reaction was similar to the reaction I had a while back to the silly Special Olympics urban legend: I think it's wrong to put the disabled on a pedestal, instead of treating them as fellow human beings.)

The article mentions the Outsiders charity, which talks quite openly on the subject of disability and intimacy. It's really interesting how specialised a charitable service that is. In about a quarter century, I think it's likely that an aging society like Singapore will see a demand for specialised services that we think of now as somewhat 'icky', such as dating agencies for the elderly. And I think that would be a great thing.


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