IgNobel Awards

One fun part of my former university was the annual IgNobel awards - awards given for funny scientific research. Among the winners this year was research done (by a high school student, so don't start railing about wasting research grants) on the 5-second rule:
76 percent of U.S. women and 56 percent of men were familiar with the 5-second rule, and used it to justify picking up and eating dropped treats... Clarke swabbed floors at the University of Illinois and found them surprisingly clean of microbes, thus justifying the rule. (Link)
Me? I've always known it as the 7-second rule. Fortunately seems like I'm safe. Also winning were studies of the links between country music and suicide, of finding the perfect combovers, and - of course - honouring the inventor of karaoke.


Anonymous said…
IgNobel: The new inquisition of ultra ortodox scientists

IgNobel represents a new campaign to discredit unusual scientific achievements, which perhaps in the future will be useful for the advance of science.

This new scientific inquisition, a parody of the Nobel Prizes, is
very dangerous. In fact, it is used, in some cases anti-ethically, to attack and to ridiculize honest and prestigious scientists who curiously have published their scientific articles in peer-review scientific journals!!!

My question is:
Should the IgNobel group receive an IgNobel prize?

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