Tiger Woods gets married

Surely if you were Tiger Woods you can afford a better band at your wedding than Hootie and the Blowfish? I mean, what're Hootie doing now besides cover versions of mawkish Bread songs for TNT specials?

ESPN.com - Tiger privately ties knot as celebrities look on


Anonymous said…
It is a disgrace that Tiger Woods does not recognize that he is black. THere are beautiful and intelligent black women that Tiger could have chosen to marry. It is so interesting that white men with money do not marry black women. Mr. Woods, why don't you exude black pride and perpetuate the black family instead of trying to erase what you are!! How stupid can black men continue to be!!
Daryl said…
Given that Tiger Woods himself is the product of a mixed marriage, and is more Thai than black, I doubt he would necessarily agree that he has to marry within any specific ethnicity.

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