I Love the 90s

There's a good collection of the best quotes from VH-1's "I Love the 90s" over at The Art of Getting By. Some of my favourites:
"House of Pain had Jump Around and Kris Kross had their jump song. I think it was nostalgia for 1984 when Van Halen had their song Jump and The Pointer Sisters had Jump (For Your Love). So, I think they were thinking, let's have some more jump songs!" (Weird Al Yankovic)

"What? Is he auditioning to be the new dial tone?" (Hal Sparks on Kenny G's 45 minute solo holding note)
Actually, the whole "I Love the 80s/90s" series is interesting from my point of view because it's fun to compare what phenomena were shared between the US and Singapore (like slap bracelets - found that out over dinner in the dining hall one day) and what was culturally specific.

And since I'm crediting other blogs, I should say that apparently, I'm contributing to Lance Mannion's sense of being in a Fellini-esque world. Thanks for the shout-out - I'll bring a peacock to frolic in the snow.


Lance Mannion said…
Oh no! I forgot about the peacocks!

Life on the internets just gets more and more surreal.

You're welcome, Daryl. Best thing about having my own site is it's helped me find a whole lot more great blogs and pages, like yours.

The peacocks, the peacocks. I won't sleep tonight.
Daryl said…
If you're logging on to the Net, you're choosing surreality over reality at some level anyway. So why not go the whole hog, or the whole peacock, as it were?

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