Penguins at the airport

Penguins in metal detector

You can tell that airport security has reached new levels of strictness when even penguins have to go through metal detectors. What, penguins can pack heat? If they could, leopard seals would be in for some serious whoopin'. At least they were smart enough not to wear shoes. Boy, that would be troublesome.

"I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but we've been told to look out for two short guys, dressed in tuxes"

Given how shiny the floor looks, I'm surprised the penguins didn't do a belly-flop-on-the-ice-floe-style slide through the detector.

(Pic taken from a Denver Channel slideshow on the penguins' journey. Lots of other funny pics, mainly of the penguins looking rightfully bemused.)


Anonymous said…
this is hilarious..

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