Thursday, 21 April 2005

Singaporean Bloggers

I suppose I talk less about what goes on in my personal life than other Singaporean bloggers, but to let everyone know, yesterday featured a meetup at NYDC (free Wi-Fi) of some bloggers to discuss a potential Bloggercon as well as, a sort of Boing Boing/Slashdot for Singaporeans.

Present at the dinner: yours truly, plus Adri, Calm One, James, La Idler, Miyagi, Mr Brown, and Xiaxue. After the dinner, I went home and promptly ate a second dinner (mee pok tah), instead of being diligent and blogging about it like some of the others, so I'm a day late and a dollar short. Mr Brown has the report of what went on and Adri has the pics.

so how's the dog? =)

Yes, I hope your dog gets well soon.

Hey i wish to be involved in the Bloggercon as well, should i contact you or Mr Brown?

Still haven't settled a lot of details, even basic stuff. But the offer sounds good! Thanks! Email me (it's on the sidebar) and we'll keep you posted.

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