Review: Laws of Attraction

Laws of Attraction
is a passable rom-com with a standard adversaries-become-lovers plot. Pierce Brosnan and Julianne Moore play two of Manhattan's top divorce lawyers with very different styles (he's casual and often unscrupulous, she's straitlaced and takes the high road) who predictably fall for each other. Meanwhile, Michael Sheen and Parker Posey chip in gamely as an over-the-top rock star-fashion designer couple whose divorce proceedings pit the lawyers against each other.

There's a generous dose of Irish blarney as Moore and Brosnan, examining an Irish castle that's the centre of a divorce dispute, consume a bit too much ale and wind up inadvertently married. Brosnan and Moore's bickering and subsequent attempts at keeping up appearances constitute the film's attempts at generating sparks, but the pair's colossal dramatic talent falls flat in this comedy, and ultimately Laws suffers from an inescapable gravity.


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