Wow, I'm on Daypop's Top 40 Links, thanks to some weird way they've counted citations of my blog from Blogcritics. Number 35 with a bullet, baby! Welcome all. I'm probably going to be ousted tomorrow by news of Tom Cruise dating Katie Holmes, but I'll bask in the one day of Internet fame.

For anyone new to this site, here's the rundown: the most popular links seem to be to posts on why I won't buy an iPod, World Jump Day, the origins of English words, and Coconut, the world's cutest West Highland Terrier. I guess that's a nice representation of the grab-bag nature of my posts. I put up random fun links every now and then. In my other blogs, I review films and music and write about the Boston Red Sox. Um, that's it. Tarry a little, Internet sojourner.

Okay, I admit I just wanted to revive the use of "tarry", since I get a kick out of anachronistic-sounding words. Next up: how to incorporate "skedaddle" into my daily vocabulary. Oh wait, easy enough: time to skedaddle.


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