Nick Hornby - A Long Way Down

The Guardian has a good interview/feature on Nick Hornby since Hornby's about to release A Long Way Down, his new book. The article uses Hornby's dual life as a theme - the duality of being a Cambridge-educated football supporter at a time when football was equated with yobbery, and this bit:
Hornby's history is rather complicated. One potted biography could read: age 48, son of successful businessman Sir Derek Hornby, graduated from Cambridge University, became a literary critic, then bestselling author and friend to the great and good. Another potted biography could read: lower-middle-class son of secretary mother Margaret, drifter, failed teacher, failed journalist, failed screenwriter, achieved surprising success with memoir of a football fanatic and loser. Both biographies would be equally true.
I'm excited about the new Hornby novel, even if it sounds closer to How to be Good than High Fidelity...

Hornby's column in the Believer.
Further discussion of Hornby novels at Delta Sierra Arts.


Anonymous said…
hello, where did you get the simpsons' dvd? in singapore? i can't seem to find it anywhere.
Daryl said…
I bought mine from the US, but last I checked Gramophone sold them all.
Mal Smith said…
I prefer "How to be Good" to "High Fidelity". Just as much humour, but deeper. maybe you do get wiser when you get older? I'll just have to wait and see.

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