Linksfest: News of the weird


We've got an older Sesame Street book called "F is for Friends." One page shows Cookie Monster with workout gear and fruit plates sitting nearby, eating a cookie. It reads: "Some friends are fat... and like it like that."
I always laugh when I read that. "We know Cookie's fat. But, see! He exercises and eats healthy food! So it's OK! If you have a fat friend, don't treat them differently... as long as they lift weights."
Will they begin rooting the Seven Deadly Sins out of all the Muppets? Gluttony? Check. Anger? Get Oscar into therapy, stat. Zoe has definite Envy issues, and they all seem overly Prideful. Snuffy's definitely got Sloth-like tendencies. Lust? Maria and Luis, get a room! And Greed? The work here needs to be done on the merchandisers who came up with "Chicken Dance Elmo."

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