Thursday, 7 April 2005

Sad week

Been a busy week for obit writers, what with the Pope, Saul Bellow, and Prince Rainier all passing away, among others (including a great comedian, Mitch Hedberg). A lot has been written about the Pope, often very eloquently, so I'll write about Saul Bellow: I read Henderson the Rain King and The Adventures of Augie March back when I was 17, and then again when I was 21, and it still remains fun to dip into portions of Bellow. Amazing books, and really helped shape my love for American literature. So filled with life, these sprawling novels containing multitudes. Just so - just so vital.

An interview with Bellow in the Paris Review.

Have you read Carl Hiaasen's Basket Case? Main character is an orbituary writer...

No, I haven't, unfortunately... what else does he do besides commemorate the dead in writing?

um, shag his editor...

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