Down where it's wetter

Seagrass Filefish

Thanks to Otterman leaving a comment and some clicking around his blog, I've discovered a whole set of Singapore nature blogs. So, for all the marine biology fans in my life (you know who you are), here's three of them: Pulau Hantu, Labrador Park, and the Blue Tempeh. Some great pictures in all of them - the one above, of a seagrass filefish, is taken from the Pulau Hantu blog.


Anonymous said…
looking at this post and picture I remember that my dad dives a lots around Indonesia, probably singapore, too but he dives more in Indonesia and is one of the members of a Dive groups , i think the name is scuba diver. I think if I introduce him into a blog's world, he'd be having a photoblog for everything he has seen in the sea. Thanks for the inspiration :) (maybe u don't notice it but my idea comes after reading this post)
Daryl said…
Wow, if I inspired a diver to start a photo blog, that would be really cool. Tell me if he does, yah? Would love to see the pictures.

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