Rock on

"It's rock paper scissors as to whether I will get over you at all.
It's hand against hand and both hands are mine."
- Ani DiFranco, "Rock Paper Scissors"
My former Harvard Crimson colleague Jennifer 8. Lee writes a piece on rock-paper-scissors tournaments for the New York Times (love how the newspaper puts the obligatory period after the "8" in her middle name, as though it was short for something). In Singapore, we call the game scissors-paper-stone, presumably reflecting the British English "stone" rather than the American "rock", but either way the idea faint boggles the mind. Tournaments! With sets and matches and strategy and everything! And an official society! Looks like people are just aching to compete for competing's sake. Soon we'll be challenging chickens to tic-tac-toe.

From the article:
"I was told that most people have a go-to throw, reflective of their character, when they are caught off guard. Paper, considered a refined, even passive, throw, is apparently favored by literary types and journalists."
My default is "scissors" - wonder what that means?

Oh, also, does anyone remember that After Dark rock, paper, scissors screensaver, where they animated fights between all three? That was awesome.


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